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This is a letter sent to my mother in October, 1973 that describes Milton family history, as understood by Lucy Baird Patrick
(1890-1976) of Hartland, Wisconsin.  Lucy Mae Baird was married to Edwin Herman Patrick in 1914.  She was a daughter of Mary Milton and Robert Baird, and Mary Milton was a daughter of Peter Milton, Sr. and Ann Greeley.  My mother contacted the Patricks in reference to family history on my behalf when I initially started work on this project in 1973.  The letter consists of two pages that describe Milton family history and two pages of a personal note.

This material appears to be much the same as that received in an earlier letter from Hilda Baird.  The material was typed up and differs in minor details from Hilda's letter.  Because of the similar content, I'm not retyping the content of this letter, but instead just displaying scans of the original documents.  Although Lucy doesn't mention Hilda Baird, Hartland is a suburb of Milwaukee, and I have a feeling that they collaborated on the family history material.

Letter from Lucy Patrick, page 1

Letter from Lucy Patrick, page 2

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