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This is a letter sent to my mother in August, 1973 that describes the Milton family history, as understood by Hilda Baird
(1893-1978) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Hilda Kagel was married to Matthew J. Baird in 1918.  Matt Baird (1888-1979)  was the son of Robert Baird and Mary Milton, and Mary Milton was a daughter of Peter Milton, Sr. and Ann Greeley.  My mother contacted the Bairds in reference to family history on my behalf when I initially started work on this project in 1973.  The letter consists of seven pages, two of which are a note to Betty Condon, and the other five describe Milton genealogy.

Dear Betty,

It has taken me a long time to get this information to you but I haven't been too well and have a right hand that is bothering me and is very painful so I know it will be difficult for you to read & decipher it.  If you have time and the ability to do so, it would be fine to make a tree with the branches etc. so you could really understand "who is who".  Anyway I wish you luck.  Last time I saw you you were in High School.  How the years fly!  I saw your brother once soon after his marriage, I believe.  He was working in Milwaukee and his wife was a nurse.  I had them out for dinner one evening.  Got Christmas cards from them for several years.  I don't even recall your sister's name.  You didn't move too far away from home.  My daughter
lives in Detroit Mich. and our son in Indiana.  Wish they lived closer by.  I hope your Dad is well.  I always remember him and especially your Mother.  She came and visited at Grandma Baird's and came out to see us several times.  She had just graduated from High School as I recollect and I was a newly married farmer.

We have 5 grandchildren.  My daughter has two, and our son has three.  I always say I'm so grateful to them for giving me the joy of having grandchildren.

Now my pen has started going its own way and the result is a mess.  Hope what I'm sending will help.

Love, and Best Wishes to all the Condons

Hilda & Matt Baird

Milton Family Tree

Peter Milton born in Devenshire England, Oct 16, 1833
Ann Greeley, born in County Galway, Orinmoor Ireland Feb. 10, 1835

Peter Milton, with his parents & brothers came to USA.  His Mother died enroute, & was buried at sea.  They came to Chicago, Ill. where he met and married Ann Greeley.  Four daughters were born to son Mark Greeley.  They visited Bob Bairds many times.  No longer have their address.  They were older than Mary Baird & never married.  Mary[?] Ann & Agatha Greeley.  Mary married Mike Kelley and there was also a Laura who would be over 100 years today.  There was a sister who married Joe Cronley.  That was Ann Milton's sister, Grandmother Milton's sister.

Peter Milton had several brothers - James moved to Delavan, Wis. and Caleb to California.  I know nothing about him, but James married.  I think there were 5 children of whom Eli married Maud Featherstone and had one son, Wiley who lives in Delavan.  Eli died in 1952, and wife Maud last year [1972] passed away.

Peter and Ann Milton moved to Adams Wis., near Arksdale.  Lived on a farm.  Later, by covered wagon and ox team they moved to Fox Lake Wis.


where they took up some land as a homestead living there for many years.  Mary and Ann, twins, were born Feb. 9, 1858, in Chicago, Ill.  Mary married Robert Baird on March 9, 1886.  To this marriage were born four children,
Clarence who married Honora Sewert [Seward?] & had 4 children.  His second wife, bore him 2 sons Philip and Laurence.

Albert Baird was married to Isabel Way May, 1913
Five children were born to them
Leonard of Portland Oregon,
Margaret of Milwaukee
Marcella - died
Dorothy - died
and Eugene died
Albert died in Dec. 1930
Isabel died in 1956
Matthew J. born Aug. 22, 1888
Married Hilda Kagel in Milwaukee 1918.  There are 2 children Joyce Vorel, and Robert Baird.  5 grandchildren.


Lucy [Baird] married Edwin Patrick Aug. 12, 1914.  Seven children were born to them.
Donald - married Rose Frymark - has 7 children
Vern -  married Lillian Seelig & ahs 2 children
Maurice married Clarann Koch & has 8 "
Jim married Dolores Salaty, & has 4 children
Joe married Ruth Gillis & has 11 children
Marie married Jerome Guldner [Golner?] & has 8 children
Ruth married Laurence Miller Oct. 12, '65 & has 3 "
Ann Milton married John McDowell & has one son, Matt, who married Esther Burns of Fox Lake
One son James, was born to them in 1915.  He is married and lives in Portage, Wis.
Mrs. John McDowell died in 1886 in S. Dakota
Wm Milton, born 1869, married to Kate Tobin.
Kate Tobin died & he married Emma Hettschweiler who died in 1963.  Wm died in 1943. No children
Charles, born mar 21, 1861, married Lute [Lutie] Butler in Beaver Dam, Wis. - Died in 1911.  Four children were born to them.  One child, Harry, survives.


Peter Milton Jr. born March 6, 1863, married Ella Jackson, Spencer, Iowa.  Ten children were born to them.

Celia, born Sept. 19, 1864, married Alva Perry
Henry Milton, 1867, married Agnes Mitchell in Iowa.  5 children were born to them

Jane (called Jen) April 7, 1869.  Married Robert Hatcher in Fox Lake.  No children.

James, born March 15, 1871 married Minnie Botham.  He died in 1915.
Frank, born 1873, married Grace Hatcher a sister of Robert Hatcher.  Lived in Riceville, Iowa.  Moved back to Fox Lake & lived on Wm Milton's farm.  Six children.
Hattie [Harriet] born Jan 1876 married Geo. McDowell.  Brother of John McDowell, who married Ann Milton, Mary's twin sister.  Four children - Carl, Beaver Dam; Maurice, Robert & Edward all of Waupun.

V.  Deceased

Mary Milton Baird died Oct 5, 1942, at 84 years
Robert Baird (her husband) died Jan 5, 1943 (3 months later)
Wm Milton, Peter Milton, Jr. & Henry died in about 1 months time in 1943 or 1944
Peter Milton, Sr. died Jan. 20, 1910
Ann Greeley Milton died Jan. 25, 1910 [May 25?]
Both are buried in Fox Lake Cemetery as are Jen & Robert Hatcher.
Hattie McDowell & George are buried in Waupun as are Ann & John McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Chas [Charles] Milton in Beaver Dam
"        " Frank Milton in Pardevelle
"        " Peter Milton, Jr. in Spencer, Iowa
Henry Milton at Little Cedar, Iowa
Mr. & Mrs. Wm Milton at Beaver Dam, Wis.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hatcher in Fox Lake, Wis.
Clarence Baird died in 1972.  Buried in Sussex Wis.

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