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Various pictures of New Haven, Iowa (date of photo in parentheses)
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View west from the north curve. The road was graded in 1928, seal-coated in 1948, and blacktopped in 1957 (1988).
This is the view west out of town before the Hall was torn down (1982)
The west-end commercial district (1988)
Old Kleckner place--where Isabelle's mother and some of the kids lived when Matt died (1988). This house has now been torn down.
Mac McCarthy's old house (on left) and Kleckner place (1982)
View east from Condon garage (1982)
Condon garage and Ready Mix. Garage was built in 1968 by Condon Bros. to operate milk transport trucks, sand/gravel truck, and lime trucks. Ready Mix was built by them in 1975 and sold to Allied in 1985 (1988).
Condon Bros. milk transport truck (1988)
Wrecked truck (1982)
Wrecked trailer (1982)
Quonset hut (1988)
Red & Isabelle Condon's former home (1988)
House was designed by Jerome Condon and was built on the site of a baseball diamond (1982)
The tavern and hall, 1982. Hall was opened in 1925. Was used for church services in 1947-48 while the new St. Peter's was being built. Donated to the church in 1951 and remodeled as a gymnasium. Bought by New Haven Ready Mix in 1976 and used for truck storage. Razed in 1988.  Photo taken in 1982.
The New Haven Tavern. Built in 1946 by Opal Schoenborn. Started out as just a basement, and then the upper part was added in the early 50's. Sold to John and Coke Miles in 1962. Owned by Larry Condon, and later Bob Mork. New owners and name in 1999. The house was originally a schoolhouse that was moved to this site (1988).
Claire and Ardy Condon's former home (1988).
The slough--an abandoned channel of the Little Cedar River. River is in the trees. Click here to see a topographic map of the New Haven area. (2001)

Another view of the slough.  There used to be water close to the houses for much of the year and the area was habitat for birds, muskrats, pheasants, and other wildlife.  The house in the center of the photo burned down in April, 2003. (1982)
Claire and Ardy's former home.  House built by Tolsdorfs is visible in right background. It was built near the site of the old creamery. (2001)
The curves. Gray building was built in 1940s by Garland and Norman Fox as a farm implement store. Bought by Gifford Swan and John Helfter in 1950. Sold to Bob Tolsdorf in 1961; closed as an implement store in 1965. Former Blonigan house on left; former Tolsdorf house on right--the house burned in 2003. (2001)
View east from south curve (1982)
Meyer and Weber's store, about 1970. Original building was built in the late 1800s. Owners included Mease Gilles family (1880's-1928), Lorenz Helfter and Henry Carroll (1928-1945), Melvin Meyer and Venie Weber (1945-1980). Included postal substation 1957-1981. Razed in the early '90's(?). (1970)
South side when store was still there (1988)

Another view of the store (1982)

View of the store from the northeast (1982)
Site of the former Meyer & Weber's store (2001)
St. Peter's church, built in 1947-1948 at a cost of $90,000. Seed money for a new church was left by Casper Toelle on his death in 1933 (1970).

St. Peter's (1982)
St. Peter's from the west. New rectory was built in 1958 (1982)

St. Peter's Catholic cemetery in New Haven (1982)
Old bell with dedication to Red Condon; bell was from original church and was cast in 1877. Broken by vandals in the 60s. (1982)
St. Mary's school, Built in 1903 at a cost of about $2,000. Razed in 1979. (undated photo)

The school in 1970
Sr. Pierre and Sr. Jose, (School Sisters of Notre Dame) (1963).
Sr. Janice and Sr. Jose, (1963)
Lake Melrose. Built in 1958 by Melvin and Rose Meyer. Covers 2 1/3 acres. Supposedly deeded to the Conservation Commission, but owned and operated by Ron Hinderks, who has cleaned it up and added some golf holes around the edges (2010).

The lake as it looked in 1982.  When I was growing up, a part the lake was plowed in the winter and used as an ice skating rink.  An ice-fishing shack was also commonly put out on the lake and used as a warming shed by us.
Jack and Ruth Condon's former home.  Now owned by Ron Hinderks , owner of the pond and various other properties in New Haven (2001).
Road north from Jack & Ruth's (Tower Avenue) (2001)
Road south to Jack & Ruth's (2001)
Bill & Betty Condon's former home on right. House on left owned by Josie and Gertie, Marleys, Marion Stibal, Beaver Meyer. Also occupied by Greg Condon for a while (2001).
Bill & Betty's (2001). Betty sold the house and moved to Evergreen Apartments in Osage in 2016.

An older version of the house (1970)
Bill & Betty's from the east. House formerly owned by John and Susan Weinschenk and later Roy and Nellie Gibault (sp?) ('Dan'l Boone') was on the site where the pine trees are now (2001).

In the background on the right is the house that used to be between the Condon's and Loecher's (1960).  The kids are Nancy and Mark Condon.

Another photo showing the house that was torn down, on the right.  This photo was taken in 1981; the house was torn down in 1982.

This photo (1982) shows the mobile home set up next to the church where Marion Stibal lived for several years.  A garage now occupies that spot.
South side of street (2001). Building on left was built in early 1950s by Jim Palmer as a cafe and appliance business. Larry & Grace Lusk ran a grocery store and cafe there, 1955-1964. Occupied by Ed Weipert as a home for a while; since 1985 owned by Kenny Eagen for antique storage.  I believe it was purchased by the neighbor to the west in 2011.
The Corner Roost. Former home of Larry and Grace Lusk. Bought by Dean and Darlene Michels in 1985 and remodeled into a restaurant. Owned and run by various people after them, but now back to being a residence (1988).
Loecher's house and old hardware (2001). The old hardware building was built by Casper Toelle (father of Pearl Green) in the late 1800s. He sold it to Leo Lockwood in 1929. Bud Leinenkugel bought it in 1946. Brown block building is the telephone building. New Haven was one of the first towns in the county to have dial phones [I think some of the original equipment is still being used, based on my failed attempts to get a good connection at various times]. House probably built by Toelle in the early 1900s.
Former barn behind Loecher's house (undated; a photo of this area taken in 1982 shows the barn recently demolished)
Road east out of town, again showing the old hardware store (2001)

House on south side formerly belonging to Bud and Mary Jane Leinenkugel (1982)
"New" hardware store. Built by Bud Leinenkugel in 1957 to replace the old store. Sold to a local Mennonite farmer in 1999. (Photo, 2001)

Another view of the hardware store (1982)
View west into town from bridge. Brick house on right occupied by Lockwoods, Tolsdorfs, Tillie Dunlay, and currently by a daughter of Dean and Darlene Michels (Ray and Julie Avila) (2001).

An older photo of the view west into town (1981)

View west in 1970

This and the following 5 photos were taken of an old curtain that came out of the community hall before it was razed.  The advertising shows various old businesses in New Haven and in Riceville and Elma.  I don't know when the curtain was created and used--please email me if you have any more information.

  Sources: The Story of Mitchell County (1973), and History of Mitchell County (1989)


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