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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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  Nicholas Gilles, 1827-1912


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This web site was created to encourage communication between family members and to share the results of my efforts in documenting the specific genealogy of me and my brothers and sisters, but also of use to other relatives. For those relatives interested in reconstructing their own family tree, the information on this site is a start to trace your own lineage. 

The material here is divided into sections based on my father's or mother's sides of the family.
  • On my father's side there are sections on the Condon, Kleckner, and Gilles lines.
  • On my mother's side there are sections on the Ethen, Meyer, MiltonMitchell, and Liston lines.


Privacy statement

It is my intent to not post any personal data on this web site about people still living.  The family outlines on the Data Page only include listings for people down to my grandparents' generation, most of whom have passed away, to ensure that birth dates, marriage dates, etc. are not posted for individuals still alive.

On the other hand, I have included dates and places for deceased individuals, in the hopes that this information will enable others interested in their family origins to make connections and fill out their family trees.  I haven't passed any of this information on to commercial genealogy companies, but rather, hope that users will keep the information only in their private files.

I'm willing to share information about current generations, but only with family members, and with the stipulation that the data remain confidential.

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