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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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Mitchell Gallery

Mitchell Family Tree
Mitchell Family Tree
Agnes Simm Mitchell
Agnes Sim Mitchell (?-1905), wife of John Mitchell.  She was the mother of Alexander Mitchell, Sr.  This portrait came from Scotland over 100 years ago and was in the possession of Margaret Wright Schaub.
Inscription on back of
Written on the back of the above portrait: 'Agnes Simm Mitchell wife of John Mitchell. Married Glasgow Scotland.  1851 Mother of Alexander Mitchell. born in Aberdeenshire Apr 22-1853. Arrived in U.S.A. Mar. 5, 1892'
Alexander "Sandy"
Alexander "Sandy" Mitchell, Sr. (1853-1935)
Grannie and Alex Mitchell
Agnes Stewart Liston "Granny"  Mitchell (1852-1933) and Alex Mitchell
Family picnic
Mitchell family picnic.  Alex is seated on left; Granny(?) standing.  Others are unidentified.

Granny Mitchell (photo provided by Carol Condon)
Mary Mitchell
Mary Lindsay Mitchell (1885-1965); married Dell Strong (1886-1979); daughter of Granny and Alex
Mitchell sisters
Daughters of Granny and Alex Mitchell, from left: Margaret "Jule" Wright (1882-1975), Mary Strong (1885-1965), Agnes Milton (1880-1966), Christina "Tina" Dowell (1878-1963)
Margaret Schaub and niece
                Betty Condon
Margaret Schaub (1904-2003) and Betty Condon. Margaret was the eldest daughter of Margaret Mitchell Wright and Edward Wright (1876-1955).

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