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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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Liston Family Tree

Liston Family Tree

Alexander Graham Liston

Alexander Graham Liston, Sr. (1818-1886). Buried in Scotland.
Inscription on back of portrait On back of portrait: 'Alexander Graham Liston about 1815-188[6]. Father of Agnes Stuart Liston Mitchell-185[2]. Mother of Juliet Mitchell Wright - 1882 Clydebank Sc[otland]. Came to America Mar. 5, 1892.'

To the left of this text is written, 'Both Born at Balmaha, Scotland near Loch Lomond'
Will Robertson
This photo is kind of a mystery.  On the back is written "Agnes Milton's Uncle Will Robertson, St. Ansgar, Ia, 1892".
However, Will and Agnes were first cousins, not uncle and niece (Agnes's mother and Will's mother were sisters.)  Will's mother, Elizabeth, was married to Allen Robertson, so Allen would be Agnes's uncle, but according to a Find A Grave record Allen died in 1887, so either the photo is older than 1892, or the man isn't a Robertson at all.  This and the next four pictures are compliments of Janice Clapper.  Identifications are from Janice Clapper and Betty Condon.
Alex Liston Fischer
There are some questions regarding the identifications of these next 5 photos too.  The woman in all the photos other than Miltons is identified as Alex Liston, however, the photo to the left and the one immediately below are apparently not the same person.

Alex Liston Fischer, daughter of Alexander Graham Liston, Jr. and granddaughter of Alexander Graham Liston, Sr.
Sadie Liston?
Sadie Liston?, Alex's sister. Not positive of identification.
Sadie Liston
From left, Agnes Mitchell Milton, Sadie Liston, Henry Milton. Betty Condon positively identifies the woman in the middle in this photo and the woman on the left in the next photo as Alex's sister, Sadie Liston.
Sadie Liston From left: Sadie Liston, Sig Loden, Lloyd Milton, Sigrin Loden, and Maurice Milton
Alex Liston? and
                Laura Milton
Possibly Alex Liston, on left, and Laura Milton.  Alex was a first cousin to Laura's mother (Agnes) but just slightly older than Laura, and she and Laura were good friends.  This photo was taken at the Iowa State Teacher's College, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Laura and Alex were both teachers.

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