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Liston Gallery
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Liston Family Tree

Liston Family Tree
Note that some people listed as 'Living' may be deceased. In those instances I may have a birth date, but no death date.

Alexander Graham Liston

Alexander Graham Liston, Sr. (1818-1886). Buried in Scotland.
Inscription on back of portrait On back of portrait: 'Alexander Graham Liston about 1815-188[6]. Father of Agnes Stuart Liston Mitchell-185[2]. Mother of Juliet Mitchell Wright - 1882 Clydebank Sc[otland]. Came to America Mar. 5, 1892.'

To the left of this text is written, 'Both Born at Balmaha, Scotland near Loch Lomond'
Will Robertson
This photo is kind of a mystery.  On the back is written "Agnes Milton's Uncle Will Robertson, St. Ansgar, Ia, 1892".
However, Will and Agnes were first cousins, not uncle and niece (Agnes's mother and Will's mother were sisters.)  Will's mother, Elizabeth, was married to Allen Robertson, so Allen would be Agnes's uncle, but according to a Find A Grave record Allen died in 1887, so either the photo is older than 1892, or the man isn't a Robertson at all.  This and the next four pictures are compliments of Janice Clapper.  Identifications are from Janice Clapper and Betty Condon.
Alex Liston Fischer
There are some questions regarding the identifications of these next 5 photos too.  The woman in all the photos other than Miltons is identified as Alex Liston, however, the photo to the left and the one immediately below are apparently not the same person.

Alex Liston Fischer, daughter of Alexander Graham Liston, Jr. and granddaughter of Alexander Graham Liston, Sr.
Sadie Liston?
Sadie Liston?, Alex's sister. Not positive of identification.
Sadie Liston
From left, Agnes Mitchell Milton, Sadie Liston, Henry Milton. Betty Condon positively identifies the woman in the middle in this photo and the woman on the left in the next photo as Alex's sister, Sadie Liston.
Sadie Liston From left: Sadie Liston, Sig Loden, Lloyd Milton, Sigrin Loden, and Maurice Milton
Alex Liston? and
                Laura Milton
Alex Liston, on left, and Laura Milton.  Alex was a first cousin to Laura's mother (Agnes) but just slightly older than Laura, and she and Laura were good friends.  This photo was taken at the Iowa State Teacher's College, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Laura and Alex were both teachers.

The following photos were provided compliments of Sara Corrigan McInerney; photos are arranged more or less chronologically.

Alexander Graham Liston, Sr. (1818-1886). Buried in Scotland. Date of photo unknown.

Back of the above photo of Alexander Liston, Sr.

Sarah Holmes Smart--Mother of Maggie Smart

Maggie Smart, 1889
Alexander Liston and Maggie Smart were married in October, 1890. They had two daughters, Sadie, born in 1891 and Alexanderene, born in 1898. Alexanderene's name has been spelled in various ways in various documents, but on many of the family photos in this collection it is spelled 'Alexanderene', and this is the spelling that I'm using for her. She went by the name 'Alex' throughout her life. A scan of the marriage license for Alexander and Maggie is in the Historical Documents section of this site.

Alexanderene Liston, 1899

Alexanderene Liston, Kindergarten, 1903

Alexanderene Liston, 1905

Alexanderene Liston and mother Maggie Liston, 1906

Alexanderene Liston in The Pansies, date unknown

Maggie Smart Liston, 1906

Maggie Smart Liston, 1908

Liston family, 1910 (Alexanderene's sister Sadie had moved out and was married by 1910)

Alexanderene Liston, 1911, Taylor School Sash Drill

Alex Liston, 1913?

Alexanderene Liston graduation from Bowen High School, 1915

Alexanderene Liston graduation from Chicago Normal College, 1917

Alexanderene Liston and Louis Fischer, 1973. Alex was first married
to William O. Mellies in 1917, to Wesley D. Golden in 1944, and to Louis W. Fischer in 1973.

Sadie Liston, 1920s. Sadie was married to Frank J. Garrigan in 1909, to Edward R. Richardson in 1923, and to George N. Brooks in 1941.

Sadie Liston, 1920s in Eastern Star Women's Group (2nd from top on left)

Alex Liston, 1934, visting Cape Town, South Africa

Geraldine Garrigan, abt. 1913 (Sadie's daughter with Frank Garrigan)

Geraldine (Gerry),
Edward Marchinke, James Corrigan (son of Gerry and Jack Corrigan), and daughter M. Corrigan 1947

Geraldine (Gerry), Eddy Marchinke, and James Corrigan, 1949

Gerry, James, daughter M., and Thomas, 1953

Alex Liston, July 1955

Alex Liston, July 1955

Alex Liston, July 1955

Alex died September 6, 1957 in Chicago. Various documents concerning his death are in the Historical Documents section of this site.

This is a dresser and model ship constructed by Alexander Liston. They have been passed down through the Sadie Liston descendents. Unsure of the time period when they were built.

Close-up of the ship. It was named the 'Calumet'--possibly the residence of the Listons when they moved to Chicago? According to daughter Alex's account the family resided on the East Side until 1918 and he worked for the Chicago Shipbuilding Co.

The youngest daughter of Alexander Graham Liston, Sr. and Agnes Graham was Mary Jane 'Jeanie' Ure Liston. Sh
e was born in 1877 and lived until 1950. She married William 'Willie' Battison (1875-1945) in 1899 in Balfron, Scotland and they emigrated to South Africa, where their descendants still live.

Photo compliments of Duncan Battison

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