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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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Kleckner family tombstones

(all at St. Peter's cemetery, New Haven)

May they rest in peace

Mathias Kleckner (1854-1909), and Mary Ann Gilles Kleckner (1868-1947)
Alfred Kleckner (1887-1940), and Rose (1893-1990)
Bernie Kleckner ( 1923-1992), son of Alfred
Duane Kleckner (1925-1926), son of Alfred
Ernest Kleckner (1888-1967), and Florence (1892-1981)
Adrian Kleckner ( 1914-1981), son of Ernest; wife Agnes (1916-2006)

Mary Jahnel (1919-1986), daughter of Pauline, and husband Rich (1919-1999)

Bill Kleckner (1894-1955)
Evelyn Kleckner Brandt (1895-1962), and Pete (1892-1977)
Tillie Kleckner Dunlay (1900-1995), and Ben (1897-1973)

Rusty Dunlay (1921-1986), son of Tillie, and Virgilia ( 1919-1987)
Rex (Straw) Dunlay (1928-1994), son of Tillie
Red and
Red (1900-1976), and Isabelle Kleckner Condon ( 1902-1990)

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