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Gilles family tombstones

(at St. Peter's Cemetery, New Haven, Iowa)

May they rest in peace

Unusual metal tombstone of Nicholas and Mary Anna Gilles
Nicholas Gilles, 1827-1912
Mary Anna Weber Gilles, died at age 85
John B. Gilles (1854-1904), son of Nicholas and Mary Anna; and son Bernard (1893-1894)
Katharina M. Hartogh Gilles (1857-1906), wife of John B.; and son William (1890-1894)
Joseph J. Gilles (1879-1958), son of John B. and Katharina, and wife Nora Fox Gilles (1880-1977)
Peter Gilles (1860-1951), son of Nicholas and Mary Anna
Elizabeth Jax Gilles (1859-1939), wife of Peter
Flora Gilles Finnegan (1889-1982), daughter of Peter and Elizabeth, and husband William (1903-1959)
Anthony Gilles (1893-1918), son of Peter and Elizabeth
Ed Schoenborn (1892-1939), son of Katherine Gilles Schoenborn (daughter of Nicholas and Mary Anna); and wife Opal (1896-1997)
William Gilles (1878-1968), son of Nicholas and Mary Anna; and wife Rose (1880-1974)
Bartholomeas (Mease) Gilles (1863-1931), first cousin of Nicholas Gilles; and wife Anna Kleckner Gilles (1861-1940), sister of Matt Kleckner
Kenneth Helfter (1950-1967); great-grandson of Mease Gilles, grandson of Bernice Gilles Helfter

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