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Ethen Gallery 3

These pictures and identifications were contributed by Mary Kay (Parkin) Amberg


Mathias Ethen (1851-1926) and Magdelina Briedy (1851-1936). He is a son of Heinrich (Henry) and Maria Katherina Ethen.

Ethen siblings and some spouses, from left: Mike Weinberger, Susie (Ethen) Weinberger (with cane); behind her is Joe Ethen (mostly hidden), Nick Ethen, then either Lizze (Ethen) Knuessell or Rose (Ethen) Robinson (Lizzie and Rose were twins), Oscar Parkin (in back with big moustache), Lena (Ethen) Hooper, Katherine (Ethen) Parkin.

Susie is a child of Peter Ethen (1839-1912) and Magdalena Schafer (1830-1868); the others (except Weinberger and Parkin) are children of Peter Ethen and Anna Loesch (1847-1901).  Photo dates from approximately 1930-1935.
Joe Ethen (1878-1955, son of Peter and Anna Loesh Ethen) and Lena Van Hercke (1887-1965), Golden Anniversary, c.a. 1948-1950. They had no children.

Katherine Ethen (1870-1941, daughter of Peter and Anna) and Oscar Parkin (1869-1943), probably at about the time of their wedding, Jan 21, 1902

Katherine and Oscar Parkin; possibly at a child's wedding or their anniversary

Home of Katherine and Oscar Parkin at 800 Rondo Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota
Oscar Parkin in his military uniform, Spanish American War

Oscar Parkin as a young man

Katherine Ethen Parkin as a young woman

Katherine Ethen Parkin in her flower garden

Identified as Mary Ethen, but unsure of her relationship.  There are several Mary Ethens, some whose maiden name was Ethen, others whose married name was Ethen.  This woman appears to be middle-aged, so she may have been the wife of an Ethen man, not a child in an Ethen family.

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