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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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  Ethen Gallery 2

Kate, Laura,
Kate, Laura, Barb
Betty, Dick Betty, John Ethen, Dick, 1945
Kathleen & Betty Kathleen Ethen and Betty, 1948. Kathleen is Andy & Gertie's daughter
Betty & Kate Betty and Kate, early 50's trip to Colorado?
Fr. Finnegan Fr. Roscoe Finnegan
Fr. Finnegan Fr. Finnegan
Louie, Agnes Milton, Laura Ethen Louie, Grandma Milton, Laura, 1957
Camping trip Heading out for a camping trip, about 1958.  From left, Laura Ethen, Mark Condon, Carol Condon, Steve Condon, Louie Ethen.  Carol & Steve traveled with the grandparents several times to places like the Wisconsin Dells and to Laura's relatives' place in Fox Lake Wisconsin.
Steve, Mark, Louie Steve & Mark Condon and Louie.  In the house at Stacyville, about 1958.  Things to remember:  cuckoo clock, heavy dining room table & chairs, porcelain lamp.  Years later a fireplace was installed in the corner where the lamp is.
Laura and Louie Ethen Laura and Louie, Duluth, 1960
Red baron Barb's "Red Baron" car while in Germany, 1968
Barb 60's chic

The next several pictures were taken at Betty and Bill Condon's 25th wedding anniversary, held at Louis and Mary's home in Stacyville in 1975.

25th anniversary
Louie Louie, 1975
Bill, Betty, Louie Bill, Betty, Louie, 1977
                  & Louie Mary and Louie
Barb & Jim's family Barb & Jim's family, 1980
Family Family get-together, 1980; from left: Andy Ethen, Louie Ethen, Gene Ethen, Father Roscoe Finnegan; seated: Rose Englehard, Sophie Finnegan.  All but Father Finnegan are the children of John and Katherine Ethen.
Louie Louie, 1984

Louie and Mary, 1987; visiting in Colorado. First they drove up to Canada after Scott's wedding, and then to Colorado--quite a trip!

Betty Condon, Louie and Mary, 1987 in New Haven, Iowa
Family Louie, Carol, Betty, Nat, 1988
Ethen girls Betty, Barb, Kate, 1990
Ethen girls Kate, Barb, Betty, 1990
Family Nat, Louie, Carol, 1990
At Waverly At home in Waverly, July, 1998
At Stacyville At Stacyville church, Nov., 1998; Dick, Barb, Betty, Kate
At Stacyville Dick's family Nov., 1998
Gene Ethen family
Gene (1899-1989), John, and Chris (1903-1991) Ethen, 1989. Gene was a 'middle' son of John Ethen (1846-1933).

Ethen Gallery 3

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