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Ethen Gallery 1

   Ethen Tree Ethen Family Tree
Henry Ludwig and Maria Catharina Toussaint Ethen
(This photo and those below, to the unidentified woman, are compliments of Denny Ethen of Elk River, MN)
Henry and Catharina?  Supposed to be the same people as previous photo, but ??
John Ethen (1846-1933; son of Henry) and unidentified
Cecilia Spaeth (1848-1886), John Ethen's first wife
John Ethen, Cecilia, unidentified son (left) and Joe Ethen (right)
The Claudius Weber family
This is the Claudius Weber family at approximately 1890.  Standing in back row, from left to right: Jacob, Joseph, William, Barbara (Kirchner), Margaret (Becker), Anna (Drimmel), Katherine or Catherine (Ethen), Mary (Becker), and Elizabeth (Wink).  Seated, from left: John, Claudius (1827-1897), Barbara (Meyer) (1840-1903), Henry, and Anton (seated).  Catherine was the second wife of John Ethen, and the mother of Louis Ethen.  Her name was spelled with a 'C' in her obituary.
Tony (left) and Joe Ethen, sons of Henry
Unidentified woman from Ethen family
John Ethen, Catherine Weber Ethen, 1865-1942,
and grandson Roscoe (Buster) Finnegan
Louis Ethen, 1903-1998, son of John Ethen
Louis Ethen
Louie in wedding party Louie (upper left) in wedding--one of his brothers or sisters being married?
Claude Ethen Claude Ethen, son of John Ethen
Claude, Laura, and Louie Ethen Claude, Laura, Louie
Betty Betty Ethen (daughter of Louie) in front of the Milton home farm near Little Cedar, Iowa
Home in Stacyville Ethen home in Stacyville, Iowa
Stacyville home Home in 1999
Home Home in 1999
Andy & Gertie's Andy and Gertie's home in Stacyville
Betty Betty and lamb
First Communion Betty's First Communion, May 1, 1938
Ethen kids Betty, Kate, Dick, Barb, 1943
Ethen girls Kate, Betty, Helen Heman, unknown child, Barb, mid 1940's
Cousins and Sophie

Cousins with Aunt Sophie Finnegan

Cousins and Rose Cousins with Aunt Rose Englehard

Ethen Gallery 2

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