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William Condon Gallery

These are pictures provided by Mary Ann Little, a great-grand-daughter of Mary Ann Condon Leonard (daughter of Michael Condon)

                Condon family tree
William Condon family tree

William J. Condon, 1864-1939

There is some uncertainty about who this is.  According to notes by Yvonne Condon Hickey, this is her grandfather William Condon.  However, a different copy of this same photo has been handed down in the ET Condon family (here).  I'm including the photo in both family galleries for now, until I can get a positive identification.

Jessie E. Wilmarth (1867-1943) wife of William

Clifford W. Condon (1898-1971) son of William and Jessie
Harold Day Condon (1899-1956) son of William and Jessie.  One problem with these photos of Clifford and Harold is that both have the notation 'Kip' on the photo.  Apparently Harold was known as Kip, so perhaps the photo of Clifford is actually of Harold.  The facial features are very similar, but they were only a year apart in age.

Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey (1901-?) daughter of William and Jessie.  She was known as 'Dod'.

"Sweet Sixteen"

Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey

Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey

First cousins Nola Marie Walsh (1901-?), Marguerite Leonard (1902-1927), and Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey.  Wonder what the 'green apples' note refers to?

Nola Walsh, Marguerite Leonard, and Carolyn Yvonne Hickey


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