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BAPTISM: Peter Ethen 2 May 1839

No 5
Baptismum Petri Ethen

Secundo Mayi - heri hora tertia natus et hodie baptizatus est Petrus filius legitimus Lodevici Ethen Catharina Tosseant, ambo ex Mürringen levantes fuerunt Petrus Ethen et Maria Catharina Tosseant nata Reuter in fidem. C. Kinkes Pastor

No 5
Baptism Peter Ethen

May 2 - yesterday, born at three, and today baptized is Petrus, legitimate son of Lodevicus Ethen / Catharina Tosseant, both from Mürringen. Godparents were Petrus Ethen and Maria Catharina Tosseant, born Reuter. In faith C. Kinkes, Pastor

        Ethen christening
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