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: Johann Stephan Toussaint and Anna Catharina Veltz, 3 November, 1783

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die 3tia 9bris factis tribus proclamationibus et per dictis dimparochibus ex porte parochi sponsi contraxerunt in facie Ecclesia matrimonium joannis Toussaint ex Sauerbrod, et catharina Veltz ex Mürringen coram me infer Scripto pastor et testibus in cujus fidem

3 November (1783), banns proclaimed, and by community decree posted on the doors of the parish, betrothed persons contracting matrimony before the Church, Joannis Toussaint of Sauerbrod, and Catharina Veltz of Mürringen, which before me signed below and testifying in faith.

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comparantes hunc actem Labita prelectione in lingua vernacula Dum subscripterunt, Dum subsignerunt actum

- Bullingen dia 3tia 9bris 1783

Jean Toussaint signatura X manes

catharina Veltz thonma Toussaint

signatura X manes anna maria Veltz

witnesses to this rite in the vernacular tongue, as they sign; as they give their mark to the document

- Bullingen 3rd November 1783

Jean Toussaint signature X hand mark

catharina Veltz thonma Toussaint

signature X hand mark anna maria Veltz

Toussaint/Veltz marriage

Toussaint/Veltz marriage
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