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A potential event in Michael Condon's life, which I recently became aware of, was his possible service in the U.S. Army in the Civil War.  At first I embraced the idea, because it came from a relative with whom I have had no previous contact, but the more I've considered all the facts, the less I'm inclined to believe that he served.  I'll lay out the facts below.

To summarize, according to information I received, Michael Condon enlisted in the 11th Regiment Volunteer Cavalry of Illinois.  I believe the main evidence for military service is a scan of a page from an enrollment book that shows an entry for a 'Michael Condon' of Ireland, and possibly information from an online database.  The book is apparently a list of men subject to military duty, i.e., those subject to being drafted.  It does not indicate actual enlistment.  Michael Condon's entry is the fourth from the bottom.

However, there are several lines of evidence that lead me to believe that our ancestor was not in the military.

So, although it was an interesting prospect to have discovered that Michael Condon was a Civil War veteran, it appears that this was a case of mistaken identity.

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