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This gallery of photos relates to the Michael and Catherine Condon immediate family.  Other galleries in the Condon section are organized according to the families of Michael's children.
The photos in this gallery were provided by Mary Ann Boniface Little, a great-grand-daughter of Mary Ann Condon Leonard (daughter of Michael Condon).

Michael Condon
                family tree
Michael Condon family tree--three generations from Michael and Catherine to their grandchildren
Southwest of Rockford, Illinois at the intersection of Condon Road and Stillman Valley Road.  This is actually Kishwaukee, a 'populated place' that is described at this web site:
The old Condon home farm, south of Rockford
I found an address for Condon Farms, at 5298 CONDON ROAD, ROCKFORD, IL 61109. I'm not absolutely sure this is the address for this farmstead.

Not positive, but this is probably the mother of Michael Condon
Michael Condon and Catherine Dwyer
Michael and daughter Mary Ann

Michael in his elder years
Catherine Dwyer, wife of Michael
Michael's casket?; wonder what the anchor signified?  Note that the photo on the table is the same as the one of Michael (above).  This indicates that the above photo was probably taken soon before his death.
Joseph Condon, 1879-1886, son of Michael and Catherine

Condon family reunion, July 8, 1921.  The notation on the left margin says 'Uncle Wills - S. Valley, Ill'.  Would be nice to have names to go with the photo.  I'm not certain, but the reunion was probably at the farm pictured above.

Probably a group of first cousins at the Condon reunion in 1921.


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