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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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This is a gallery of photos of the eldest daughter of Michael and Catherine Condon--Mary Ann Condon Leonard.  The photos in this gallery were provided by Mary Ann Boniface Little.

Mary Ann
                Condon Leonard family tree
Mary Ann Condon Leonard family tree
Mary Ann Condon Mary Ann Condon, 1860-1945
Mary Ann Condon Mary Ann Condon
Lawrence Leonard (1864-1903), Kathryn Leonard (1892-1959), Mary Ann Condon Leonard
Lawrence Leonard and children: Edward (1894-1961), Kathryn, and Joseph (1896-1919)
Edward Leonard and Mary Ann Condon Leonard
Edward, Mary Ann, Marguerite (1902-1927), and Kathryn Leonard

Top row: Joseph and Edward Leonard; bottom row: Kathryn, Mary Ann, and Marguerite Leonard
Mary Ann Leonard, granddaughter Mildred Perry (1910-1974), and daughter Kathryn Perry, 1930
Mary Ann Leonard, Kathryn Leonard Perry, Leona Perry Boniface (1911-1963), and Mary Ann Boniface Little; photo dated 1935

Mary Ann Leonard, Mary Ann Boniface Little, Kathryn Perry, Leona Perry Boniface, 1936

Mary Ann Leonard

Mary Ann Leonard and Kathryn Leonard Perry, 1942

Mary Ann Leonard

Mary Ann Leonard

Kathryn Leonard

Kathryn Leonard

The Perry (Poirier) family, 1913.  Napoleon J. (1886-1954), Leona (1911-1963), Kathryn, and Mildred (1910-1974)

Kathyn Leonard Perry, 1920

Kathyn Leonard Perry

Kathyn Leonard Perry, 1950, in her retail store 'Kathryn's Apparel'

Mildred Perry

Leona Perry

The Perry girls, about 1922: Mildred (in back), Marguerite (1914-1980), Leona

Marguerite, Mildred, and Leona Perry, about 1926

Leona, Kathryn, Marguerite and Mildred Perry

1950--Jessie M. Appling holding Kandie Bonifas, Mary Ann Boniface holding Susan Appling, Kathryn Leonard Perry, Marguerite Perry Appling holding H. J. Appling, Leona Perry Boniface holding Kathleen Appling

Mary Ann Boniface Little family, 1999

Mary Ann Boniface Little family, 1999

Edward John Leonard (1894-1961)
Edward Leonard (on left)
Edward Leonard aboard a minesweeper, WWI
Edward Leonard, 1929

Joseph Leonard (1894-1919)

Joseph and Kathryn Leonard

Joseph Leonard

Marguerite Leonard (1902-1927)

Marguerite Leonard

Marguerite Leonard

First cousins Nola Marie Walsh (1901-?), Marguerite Leonard (1902-1927), and Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey.  Wonder what the 'green apples' note refers to?

Nola Walsh, Marguerite Leonard, and Carolyn Yvonne Hickey

Helen N. Mannix and Marguerite Leonard

Leon Walsh (b. 1909), Carolyn Yvonne Condon (Dod), and Marguerite Leonard.


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