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Hanora Condon Gallery

These are pictures provided by Mary Ann Little, a great-grand-daughter of Mary Ann Condon Leonard (daughter of Michael Condon).  I have the greatest amount of uncertainty regarding the identifications of some of the people in these photos--I'll note potential problems below.

Note:  In some family records this daughter is identified as 'Honora', however, her grand-daughters, Maureen and Sally Moag, who I have had contact with, call her 'Hanora'.  It appears that she went by the name 'Nora', and in fact, was identifed as such in the records of the 1900 census (included below).  Until I can find anything definitive, I'll refer to her as Hanora, as per her closest relatives.

                Condon Walsh family tree
Hanora Condon Walsh family tree

Identified as 'Honora' by Yvonne Condon Hickey, but questioned by Mary Ann Little.  Unresoved at this point. Hanora lived from 1874 to 1950.

The photo is clearly labeled 'Nora', but I'm unsure if this is Hanora or someone else.  The girl in the photo appears to be a late pre-teen or young teenager, which would date the photo to around 1886-1888.  However, most photos from this period are portraits from photographer's studios, not snapshots like this.  I don't have anyone else in my family listings with the name Nora, so I'll leave it here for the time being.

Identified as Honora by Mary Ann Little.

Another photo labeled 'Nora'.  Appears to have been taken in the Michigan woods--perhaps at a lumber camp or resort?

Just a guess, but think this photo was taken at the same location as the one above.  Nora has the same smock and a similar hairstyle as the woman on the tracks, and this one is also in the pine woods.  She appears fairly young, so the child is probably her eldest, Nola Marie (born in 1901).  This would make Nola about 25 in this photo.

First cousins Nola Marie Walsh (1901-?), Marguerite Leonard (1902-1927), and Carolyn Yvonne Condon Hickey.  Wonder what the 'green apples' note refers to?

Nola Walsh, Marguerite Leonard, and Carolyn Yvonne Hickey

Probably first cousins Nola Walsh (b. 1901; daughter of Hanora); Katherine (Catherine?) Walsh (b. 1910, youngest daughter of Hanora); Margurerite Leonard (daugher of Mary Ann Condon Leonard); and Helen Mannix (daughter of Helen Elizabeth Condon Mannix).

Ambrose J. Walsh (b. 1904), son of Hanora and John Walsh.  The other person was identified by Mary Ann Little as Howard Condon, son of Edward, but it looks to me like the name on the photo is actually written as Harold, who was William's son.

Leon Walsh (b. 1909, son of Hanora and John), Carolyn Yvonne Condon (Dod), and Marguerite Leonard.

Katherine (Catherine?) Walsh.  I believe the correct spelling is Catherine, based on communication with one of her daughters, Maureen Moag.

Standing:  Michael Dunne, Margarete (or Marguerite) Dunne; seated: William Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Virginia Dunne Edwards. The writing on the photo mis-identifies the children as children of Virginia and William; they are actually younger siblings of Virginia and the children of Walter Dunne and Nola Walsh. Thanks to Kathryn and Eileen Edwards for this correction.

According to Mary Ann Little, this is a daughter of Nola Marie Walsh; a granddaughter of Hanora Condon Walsh. Eileen Edwards indicates that her name was Eleanor Dunne. She was born in 1927 in Detroit, MI, and passed in 2006 in Milwaukee, WI.

Ordinarily I would put this census record in the Documents section, but it relates to these photos.  To note: only Katherine [sic] (should be Catherine) and Nora are in the household at this time (1900).  Daughter's name is not listed as either Honora or Hanora.  Catherine's birth date is incorrect--it was actually 1832, not 1827, according to her death certificate.  Nora was 25 years old at this time and still single.  She's listed as a bookkeeper in a butcher shop.


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