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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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Condon family tombstones

May they rest in peace

Condon family plot
The Condon family plot, St. James cemetery, Rockford, Illinois.  This and the following 2 photos were contributed by Mary Ann Little.
Tombstone of Michael and Catherine Condon, Rockford, Illinois (I enhanced the inscription for legibility)
Marker for Joseph Condon, young son of Michael and Catherine (same marker as Michael and Catherine)
The Condon family plot, Immaculate Conception cemetery, south of Riceville; it's up front near the road
Edwin T., 1862-1943
Margaret A., 1871-1947 (Note: she died on the same day as Isabelle's mother, Mary Ann Kleckner.)
Infant Helen, 1894
Nina Condon Burke, 1897-1997, and Doc, 1891-1974
Peg, 1907-1974
Red, 1900-1976, and Isabelle, 1902-1990; buried at St. Peter's cemetery, New Haven
Jim, 1909-1977; Riceville cemetery
Mary Condon Ackerman, 1910-1968; Riceville cemetery
Doran family marker. This was Margaret's family. Also in the Riceville cemetery
Detail of Doran marker. In front, Thomas, Margaret's father, 1848-1934; in back, from left, Laura A., 1881-1882; Cassie E., 1873-1892; Thomas G., 1879-1897; James A., 1883-1910
Mary Elizabeth Doran (Aunt Mayme); 1877-1970; daughter of Thomas Doran and Katie Conely
Claire, 1921-1989, and Ardy, 1921-1992; St. Peter's cemetery
Mary Colleen (Coke) Condon Miles, 1925-1987; marker in St. Peter's cemetery

Coke Condon's grave marker at the Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island Illinois.  Coke and John's graves are in section O, sites 948 and 949.  Section O is to the left of the first driveway after you pass through the guard station.

John D. Miles, husband of Coke Condon Miles, 1921-2008
Jack, 1933-1999; St. Peter's cemetery
Infants Justin and Jamie, 1996; St. Peter's cemetery

William Condon, 1927-2006; St. Peter's cemetery
Edward Condon family grave site
Edward Condon family grave site, St. James cemetery, West Rockford, Illinois, Lot 94, Monument #592.  This and the following 3 photos contributed by Mary Ann Little.
Edward Condon
Edward Condon, 1862-1924
Helen Mannix Condon
Helen Mannix Condon, 1863-1917.  Note the differences in her name on the marker versus what has been determined from family history records.  Will try to follow up on this to get a correct spelling.
Howard Condon
Howard Condon, 1900-1921.  Howard's birth date has been thought to be 1901 previously.  I will try to track down the correct date.

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