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Condon, Kleckner, Gilles, Ethen, Milton, Meyer, Mitchell, and Liston Family History

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Edwin (E.T.) Condon Gallery

  Condon Tree Edwin Thomas Condon Family Tree
ET Condon Edwin Thomas 'E.T.' Condon, 1862-1943.  However, this photo may not be of ET.

In material provided by Mary Ann Little, an unspecified aunt of Yvonne Condon Hickey identified the person in another copy of this photo as "Edward...twin of Will."  However, Edward was Edwin's twin, not a twin to Will.  Yvonne Condon Hickey identified the photo as her grandfather Will--not either Edward or Edwin.  My copy of this photo was handed down in the ET Condon family and was identified as ET----a good example of how things can get fouled-up in the world of genealogy.
Margaret Doran
                Condon Margaret Doran Condon, 1871-1947, wife of E.T.
Condon children at
                the farm Some of E.T. and Margaret's kids, from left Maurice (Red), eating bread; Nina, behind Red; Helen; Edwin.
Trouble at the farm Trouble on the porch--now the bread is on the porch (in front of Helen), and Red is crying; Nina looks concerned.  Did the Dog go for the bread?  He looks like he's trying to seem innocent.  Note the woman in the right background--possibly their mother?
Home farm The home farm of E.T. and family near Riceville, Iowa.
Home farm Closer view of the farm house
Old schoolhouse The old stone schoolhouse 1 mi. south of the farm. This school is in district 4, the Tyrrell district, and was erected in 1871.

Condon Family
E.T. and Margaret's family. I don't have identifications for most of the people. I think Red is the 4th from the left. Margaret and E.T. to his left. There is an extra girl in the photo--I don't know who it is.
(contributed by Ed Condon)
Peg? Peg Condon?  Not certain who this is.
Margaret (Peg)
                Condon Margaret (Peg) Condon


Isabelle, when she was about 21
(contributed by Pat Miles)
Red and Isabelle Red and Isabelle on their wedding day, 1920
Isabelle and Red Red and Isabelle in Riceville, 1920s
Early family New family--Red and Isabelle, Claire, Coke, and Bill--probably about 1929.  Probably Isabelle's mother (Mary Ann Gilles Kleckner) in background on the porch.

Back: Claire, unidentified cousin(?); front: Bill, Coke

Back:  unidentified girls--Condon or Kleckner cousins?; front: Coke and Bill
Coke and Bill Coke and Bill, mid '30's?
Early family
                portrait Early family--back: Coke, Bill, Red, Claire, Isabelle; front: Dick, Jerome, Jack

Isabelle &

Isabelle, Jack, Jerome, Dick
(contributed by Debbie Johnson)
Condons At New Haven--early 40s?  From left: Claire, Jack, Bill, Jerome, Dick
Condons At New Haven, about 1950; from left: Jerome, Jack, Dick, Bill, Claire

USS Copahee
These  4 photos are of the USS Copahee, which Bill Condon served on in WWII.  The Copahee was an aircraft carrier (escort carrier) that was active in the Pacific.

USS Copahee

USS Copahee

USS Copahee

Bill and friend
                in the navy
Bill Condon & a shipmate

Bill Condon
Bill and Jim Bill Condon & Jim McCarthy
Bill and Isabell Bill and Isabelle
Bill and Coke Bill and Coke
Coke, Bill, Ardy Coke, Bill, & Ardy
Wedding Louie (age 46) and Laura (47) Ethen, Betty (19) and Bill (23), Isabelle (47) and Red (49) on Bill & Betty's wedding day, 1950.
Christmas Bill, Betty, Steve, Jim at Red and Isabelle's, 1950
Christmas Betty, Isabelle, Jane, Jim, Steve, 1950
Cousins Jane, Ed, Carol, Jim, Steve, ~1955
Family picnic Family picnic, 1958. From left: Jack, Claire, Dick, Coke, Bill, Jerome.  Steve and Jane in background.
Peg and others Family picnic, 1958.  From left: Peg Condon (holding Nancy) , Betty (holding Mark), Red.

Group photo Group photo at 1958 picnic.  Top left: Ed, Steve, Jim, Dave Miles; middle left: Mark, Carol, Pat Miles, Jane; front row: Nancy, Janet, Larry, Greg


Group photo at a family picnic out at Daniel Boone's place on the Cedar River, 1962. Original photo was out of focus.

Dave Dave Miles with the '59 Ford.

Mark and
                      Larry Mark, Larry, and Greg--how much watermelon can you eat?

Ed and Steve Ed and Steve with the catch of the day; Mark and Carol in back.  Note Ed's lucky rabbit's foot.

Martha and kids

Martha, Debbie, and Brian. Is she barefoot too?

Birthday party Nancy's birthday party. With Janet, Mark, and Gwen, 1961.

                  and ? A blast from the past. Me at ISU in 1970. More hair and less weight back then. Artwork by yours truly.

                  portrait Family portrait; early 70's?  Back row from left: Dick Coke, Bill, Claire;  Front row: Jack, Isabelle, Red, Jerome.

Isabell Isabelle at home, 1983

Family Another family portrait, April, 1985.  Back row: Dick, Claire, Bill, Jerome; front row: Jack, Isabelle, Coke.

                  and Ed Steve and Ed in 1980. Nice pants Ed.  Drinking a little 'Colorado Kool-Aid'.

Isabell's basement At Christmas the men would all head down to the basement. This must have been in the mid-80's.  In back, from left: John Miles, Dick Condon, Ed Condon, Mike Miles, Claire Condon.  In front, left: Scott Condon; right: Jim Johanns.

Chimney Rock A butte on the Ute Indian Reservation. Look closely--I'm on top of it. A helicopter dropped me off there. Lucky it didn't crash.

On top
                  of the butte Here's a close-up of me taking a gravity reading on the butte.  Taken from the helicopter hovering nearby.

                  reunion Family reunion, 1986

Family Isabelle and her family at the reunion

Spouses Spouses-Betty, Martha, Doris, Ardy, John Miles, Ruth

                  and Isabell Louie Ethen and Isabelle at Scott and Ann's wedding in 1987

Family Group photo at the wedding, 1987

                  and Ed Ed and Merry's wedding in Reno, 1991

In the
                  bar Ed rented a bus to take us on a tour of the area.  This was a restaurant/bar in Virginia City where we ate and partied.

                  tour Getting on or off the bus in Virginia City. Tour guides in front.

                  bus tour A stop along Lake Tahoe

                  Lake Tahoe Ruth, Gwen, and Ed

                  on the bus Partying on the bus.

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