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Church Marriage: Stephen Toussaint and Catharine Reuter 3 Nov 1812

1812 et 1813

Anno Millesimo octingentesimo Duodecimo mensas novembris die

tribus factis de more proclamationibus nulloque detecto feci delato impedimento canonico seu Civili servatisque pro utroque foro servandi a me infra signato deservitore ecclesia succussatis de Murringen matrimonis juncti sunt de consensu parentum probi et Liberi et sui juris adolescentes ex Murringen parochiani mei baptisati in bullingen sponsa sponsus in buttgembach natus in zauerbrod Stephanni Toussaint filius Legitimus joannis toussaint et Catharina Vels conjugum in Murringen et Maria Catharina Reuter filia legitima joannis Nicolas Reuter et defuncta Lisabetha Doeinen ex Murringen parochiani hic presentibus joanne toussaint patre sponsi et gertrud toussaint sorora sponsi scribendo impare, et [smudged] Nicolas Reuter patre sponsae et anna Margarita Kapper noverca sponsae scribendo impare.

1812 et 1813

Year 1812, month November, day [not wrtten]

The usual proclamation of banns having been made, and nothing detected by accusations made presenting a canonical or public service impediment for either of the two being publicly observed:  by me signed below devoted church representative succeeding for Murringen are joined by marriage with the consent of their upright parents, and children and independent youths from Murringen, parishioners of my baptizing in Bullingen, couples born in Buttgembach in Zauerbrod of Stephanus Toussaint, legitimate son of Joannis Toussaint and Catharina Vels married in Murringen, and Maria Catharina Reuter, legitimate daughter of Joannis Nicolas Reuter and deceased Lisabetha Doeingen from Murringen, parishioners here present Joannis Toussaint, father of the groom and Gertrude Toussaint, sister of the groom, unable to write, and [smudged word?] Nicolas Reuter father of the bride and Anna Margarita Kapper, stepmother of the bride, unable to write.

Toussaint-Reuter marriage
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