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: Johann Nicolas Reuter and Elizabetha Doemen (Thom?), 2 June, 1789

die 2die junii factis tribus proclamationibus contrexerunt in facie Ecclesia matrimonium Nicolas reutter, et Elisebetha Doemen uterque ex Müringen coram me infra Scripto vicario et testibus Nicolas reutters et anna maria methis ambo paritus ex Muringen, et quia sponsa erat minorennis, peter sponsa comparintes Cujus fidem comparentes.

Hanc acta Labita prelectione in Lingua vernacula Dum subscripterunt Dum subsignerunt actum

Büllingen Die 2de junii 1789

Nicolas Reüter signatura X manus

anna Maria Mathes ....etc

The 2nd day of June, the banns of marriage announced, contracting matrimony before the Church (are) Nicolas Reuther, and Elisebetha Doemen both of whom from Müringen before me below signed vicar and as witness Nicolas Reuthers and Anna Maria Methis both ready, from Muringen, and because the bride was a minor, the father of the bride is present in faith.

The witnesses this Act was done in the vernacular tongue while they undersigned or while they placed their mark on the document.

Büllingen on 2 June 1789

Nicolas Reüter signature X hand mark

anna Maria Mathes ....

Reuter/Doemen marriage

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