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Letter from Bridget Condon to Michael Condon

I received the following material from Mary Ann Little in June, 2000.  I re-typed the letter from her and re-scanned the photos of the original documents that she sent.  I've enhanced the photos of the letter slightly to try to make them more legible.

"The following is a copy of a letter found among the keepsakes of Mary Ann Condon Leonard.  The original is very fragile and water stained.  From it's date and content, it probably is a letter from Bridget Condon to her brother, Michael and his wife, Catherine.  They were the parents of Mary Ann Condon and were living in Rockford, Illinois in 1867.  This is, however, an assumption and as of this time I cannot confirm this assumption."

Mary Ann Bonifas Little

Wallingford, July 22, 1867

My Dear brother   I wrote to you some time ago but received no answer to that.  I think you did not get it but I hope you will receive this and answer it as soon as you can.  I hope you and family are in good health[.]  When I write to you before mother was very low but now thank god she is able to be around again.  She is not strong but is able to sit up every day.  You must not be surprised if you see her out there one of these days.

Mary lost her other baby so now she has not any children.  She is very lonesome indeed.  It seems very sad to lose 3 children in less than a year but be the happier for them not to be in this miserable world.

My Dear brother, I would give the world to see you and family.  I do wish mother was well enough to go and I would travel off very lively.

Mrs. Linch and her husband and family send there love and best respects to you and family.  Mrs. Linch told me when I write to you again to tell you that she had a daughter growing up for one of your boys.  So she wants you to train them up to be very smart boys.

David and William work on the rail road.  John works in the yard.  Uncle John and family are always anxious to hear from you.  My dear brother, did not think of any thing more to write now so I will close with much love to you and family.  Mother does not know that I am writing to you.  She would have something to tell you if she did but I may see her before I send it off.  Mother sends her blessing to you and Catherine and the children.  I will send you one of her pictures but it is not a very good one.  She had it taken some time ago but she would not send it because it was not good enough but she will never have any more taken so I will send this.  Father and mother brothers and sisters all send there love and best wishes to you and Catherine and the children.

So no more at present from your little sister,

Bridget Condon

Wallingford, Conn.

Care of Mr. Ellis

Please write to me as soon as you receive this.

Good by,


Scanned photos of the letter:

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This letter provides some tantilzing clues about the family.  Bridget mentions that "father and mother brothers and sisters" send their love.  This in itself is a revelation, indicating that the whole family migrated from Ireland and settled in Wallingford, Conn.  It would seem that Michael had brothers David, William, and John, and also had an uncle John living in Wallingford, as well as a possible sister, Mary, who lost the children.  At this time the sister Bridget was still unmarried, and may have been living at the home of Mr. Ellis, possibly as a maid or cook.

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